We’re going on 5 months/3,000 miles, and I’ve come to the conclusion my brand-spankin’ new, custom-ordered 2016 Wrangler is not the car for me. I’ve spent the past month or two waiting for the Wrangler-bug to rub off on me, but it’s just not happening.

I honestly bought it looking for something more versatile, fun, something I care less about than my (dearly missed and beloved) S60R, and also to slow down a little (I drove the R way too fast).

It’s a lot less maintenance...I don’t mind when it’s dirty, I can do speedbumps above 5mph, etc. Plus it’s a great mountain car, and the ownership base is great.

However, I realize I’m way more of a performance car guy than an offroader. It’s kinda hard feeling like you made the perfect shift in a Wrangler. Also, I really regret not getting the 4-Door...this thing is so tiny.

The last reason I bought the thing was because of the resale value! Sadly, I’ll probably be putting it to use next January. I’m not saying it’s a bad car, but it’s just not the car for everyone. My only real complaint that I didn’t know before buying it is UCONNECT. It’s terrible.