this is the story of my user name. Gather round, children.

some time in 2007 i discovered Jalopnik and I became a reader. There was one particular comcomment whose SN was SSnaOversteer Bout To Get Told. So I decided to make my username “Snapundersteer FTW” and to bill myself as this other user’s complement to create perfectly neutral steering when we combined (no homo).


He never really liked that but fuck it, I had a user name I loved. I joined Oppo in 2008, got starred (old timers, remember that?) same year and kept commenting over 3 Gawker system changes.

when I first saw the Italian Spider-Man video, I laughed hard and changed my user to Snapundersteer ItalianSpiderman.

Now I reveal a dark secret.... I’m not really Italian, nor am I a Spider. Please forgive me. I’ve never really meant to hurt you guys.

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