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Oppo Consult: 3 McRibs Edition

Edit: Oppo has spoken, it IS a strange thing to order. 

I have a mild puzzle I am trying to work out, and so far my own experience has not helped me enough. So I’d like some Oppopinions.


I was at McDonalds buying McRibs (They’re gone in early November.) The drive thru line was nuts, so I figured I’d head inside, get it to go, and eat one there, take the other two home and have em later today.

I put in the order with the clerk. I say 3 McRibs, she says how many, I blink and say 3 again. I get my receipt and my number is 284. 3 McRibs and a large drink. No problem so far, I get my drink and sit down literally 6 feet from the cashier.


They’re calling out the numbers with an accent, and my hearing sucks so I’m not the greatest with accents. But I’m hearing them count, I can understand that, so I wait for 284.

“280.... 281.... 282....”

“3 McRibs.” I miss it the first time.

“3 McRibs!” with a bit more urgency. Wait, is she saying 3 McRibs?

“3 McRIBS!” what sounds like a final call. Why the fuck didn’t she just call the number? It’s on the receipt on the bag in front of her.

I grab the bag.

So the question to you, Oppo, is why did everyone else get the number, and I get “3 McRibs?” Is it really that strange of an order?


In light of this consult for this investigation, I will answer any question about myself that’s relevant to this case. And a few that are not relevant.

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