My Fiesta ST currently has the stock tires and rims on (205/40R17, 17x7", 22.5lbs) and needs new tires. To get the OEM tires will be about 250CAD, so about 1000CAD plus taxes.

If I go down to

  • Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 16x7" 16.2lbs and 205/45R16 (-0.9%) Direzza DZ-102

it’s 265CAD a rim and 125ish a tire for a total of 1600ish CAD.

BUT if I go all the way down to

  • Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15x7" 15.1lbs and 205/50R15 (-1.7% +1.69%) Direzza DZ-102 EDIT: 205/55R15 is apparently the recommended size and will give the -1.76% speeding safety net.

it’s 225CAD a rim and 105 125 90ish a tire, for 1315 1420 1260ish CAD all in(minus mounting), and minus 7lbs a corner of unsprung weight. My heart says yes, and my brain also says yes this will be cheaper long run, especially if I can sell the stock rims.

I am also looking into pricing and availability of 15x8' 15.5lbs rims, they are I think 245 but I’m not 100% sure. EDIT: this wheel seems to be a favourite after some forum diving, paired with 205/50R15's for an estimated cost of 1500 1340. Slightly less of a deal.

FYI 15' rims do fit, it’s what the current full-size spare is.

so oppo, school me as to why (or why not) this isn’t something I should do?

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