Oppo Cookout 2014?

I posted this last night:

"I'm thinking of holding an Oppo cookout at my house this summer. I have a pool a decent sized back yard, and 2 front yards, maybe a little "Concurs d'shite boxes". Idk, I'm spitballing. I live at the jersey shore so maybe i can convince staffers from NYC to come (free beer and burgers, chaps?) We hold a party called "Ralphapalooooooozah!" every summer that draws about 200-300 people, so i figure i could handle an oppo meet. Maybe If i provide accommodations/sleepyplaces we can get further oppobros and jalopybros to show up. we can find out if my neighbor's nitrous powered 600whp S10 can baby!"


And I figured an update was due.

I ran the idea by my mom, and she gave me an "I don't see why not, we could even have Chris's (my stepdad) band play"

If anyone else likes this idea, or has suggestions, LMK, as I'm still in the very very early planning stages.

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