I am having lunch.

Update: Due to a hole in the bellhousing, a new tranny is needed. I talked to trusted mechanic Keith (I always regret taking my cars anywhere else). He said an automatic will be easy to find. He is not excited about a manual conversion, largely due to the clutch pedal. Ironically, he was in process of coverting a 66 Mustang from manual to auto, a job that will make an enthusiast’s head implode.

Opponaut MR2_FTW pointed me to an AE86 option, as well as an aftermarket fix, but his experience was an MX72 Cressida, and mine is the older MX63. Does it make a difference? I don’t know.

You have to understand that Keith is naturally grumpy. If you look at on line reviews, that is the main criticism. I have been taking my cars to him for about 10 years, and he is blunt and scrupulously honest, so he can grump freely.

If I push, I think he will do the conversion for me. Should I? It is for my wife, who would probably be happy with the auto. But manual Cressida sounds so cool....