Oppo Cruise Travel Plans

The PNW Oppo Cruise is under two weeks away, so now seems like a good time to start coordinating on pre- & post- cruise travel to maximize time with other oppos.

I’m taking Friday the 10th off to drive up at a leisurely pace with Ravna. She tolerates driving around town pretty well, but this will be a much longer drive, and she is still a wild young pup with lots of energy, so I’ll be stopping at least every couple of hours so she can stretch her legs.


If anyone driving up from Portland wants to caravan, and is okay with my relaxed pace, leave a comment!

My plan is to leave at 10:00 after a nice long walk with Ravna, and get to Seattle around 1:00-1:30. Do any Seattle Oppos know of a good dog park we could hit, preferable fully-fenced? The closer to I-5, the better, but I would drive up to half an hour there and back if necessary. Proximity to SeaTac is also a plus (I may be picking up BenJrBlant from SeaTac).

I’d be happy to meet up with any Seattle Oppos who are free in the afternoon and could be flexible on the exact time. Ravna is very friendly and loves to meet people & dogs, and I’ll probably have to spend at least a couple hours tiring her out before the rest of the journey. Alternatively, if anyone is heading up from Seattle in the afternoon or evening and wants to caravan, I’d be in for that too.

After Seattle, I’ll be driving up to Langley where I have a hotel room reserved (forget exactly where). I know Seattle-area traffic is bayud on Friday evenings, so I’m not planning on making it there until later (around 7 or 8). But if anyone else is staying in Langley on Friday night, we should meet up! If more people could make something in Langley in the evening than Seattle in the afternoon (which I suspect to be the case), then I’ll probably try to make it there earlier.


So, anyone want to meet Ravna?

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