Oppo Culture - Opportunity for Humility

I like to think I do ok. I make decent money, I have a solid reliable job, I work from home, my wife cares, and I’ve driven awesome cars and even owned a few. I own my own small home and am very fortunate to have wound up where I am, with no college degree, no formal training outside of basic computer science, and having been brought to the brink of financial ruin twice, and having a checkered past with family and friends.

But in Oppo we have so many brightly shining stars, people from all walks of life, we have Executives under 30 years old and salesmen who can easily clear 6 figures a year and people who can strip down an engine block to each individual component and put it back together, who manage to drive/work on ZR1s and Lambos of all brands and go house shopping in the most expensive suburban neighborhoods ever, who will finish college and go on to amazing things, getting pilots’ licenses and building robots and going on Lemons and rallys and loud crazy builds they put together with their own sweat and blood.

I just wanted to say, there’s always another goal, another challenge, another hurdle, but be proud of who you are and what you can do - nay - what you HAVE done. I know I’m impressed by all yall.


Here’s to you Oppo. Night night

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