Quick review of the terms we came up with:

  • (n) potato/potatocam
  • (n) SR20, SR20 Rule
  • (v) Orlove, to, (adj) Orloved
  • (n) DOTS
  • (n) Nibbles, (adj) Nibbled
  • (adj) Kinja'd
  • (n) Kinja crop
  • (v) dragon, to/dragoning
  • (adj) $kaycloged
  • (bc) Because Racecar
  • (n)NP, (n) CP
  • (n) Opponaut

Feel free to add anymore that we may have missed or to express your opinion on those that were included.



  • (n) = noun
  • (v) = verb
  • (adj) = adjective
  • (bc) = because racecar

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