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Oppo Discussion - GMG, Jalopnik and Kinja - Update from Patrick George

Repost due to the new Univision article from Special Projects. Hopefully what Patrick George said holds true and Oppo comes along for the ride in one way or another.

Lots of news these days regarding troubles in the FMG and GMG media companies. Seems like there is a lot of talk about profitability (or lack thereof) and layoffs. This is a story playing out across media.


I care very much about Jalopnik and Oppo and really hope nothing changes.

I know that Oppo is tied to Jalopnik, whether people here like it or not. We use GMG’s platform and get a lot of traffic/members via Jalopnik. If the good ships Kinja and Gizmodo Media Group do go down, what you you feel? What would you do?

I would be very, very sad. The current Jalop staff is great and I generally have nothing but fun times commenting on the FP and being a member of Oppo. I’ve also met tons of great people through Oppo and Jalopnik.

What about you?


Update from Patrick George. I appreciate him taking the time to respond in a candid manner.

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