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Oppo do you play GRiD2 and my rant on it?!

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Even though I am in Europe I got the game a little early, because my retailer is run by idiots.


I have spent 5 hours on it and I regret that I bought it. The game have nothing the do with its predecessor, except for the name. I came to terms that with the lack of cockpit camera, even if the original Grid was the first game after Colin McRae Rally 04 that I played exclusively with such camera. But I expected a good overall game. Which this sequel is not.

The original game blended perfectly the arcade style driving with simulation, slightly favoring sim style, but now we have only arcade driving with a lot of dorifto. You can basically drift through every corner and the results will always be good.I mean how can you go from on of the best handling ever outside of a true sim, to such a joke. I really don't think Chris Harris really helped in development. Even the handling transition of Shift to Shift 2 was not so bad. At least Shift 2 featured the most awesome cockpit camera ever. Also the car selection is pretty mediocre and a little worse, but this is a common Codies problem. At least the original had a Porsche, Lambo, Viper, Supra, TVR.


The sequel eliminated a lot of the good things in the single player in the original and substute it with a nice, but unnecessary story campaign. Fine tuning is gone and is substitued with performance packs!!!!


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