Oppo, Educate Me On Volkswagen GTIs

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In an effort to maintain my sanity while job hunting I’ve started browsing for potential future cars I would like to purchase. (I’ve already researched all I can on Full Frame DSLRs and automatic watches.) During my searches through Craigslist, the GTI has piqued my interest. Yes it’s FWD and I crave for RWD but if the handling is as sublime as everyone says it is I wouldn’t mind giving up RWD.


I specifically want to know about the Mk6 and Mk5 GTIs.

Here’s what I know about the GTI:

  • The current generation is the Mark 7
  • They handle quite well
  • The interior is rather nice
  • Plaid interior
  • I4 engines with tuning potential from APR/COBB
  • The stance crowd has completely taken over the VW community
  • VW Vortex should be avoided at all costs

So what else should I know about the Mk6 and Mk5 GTI?

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