Hi all!

It’s question / help asking time! Now, this is an issue with my brother’s car, not my car, but it will end up being a similar answer.

See, I have a 2009 (MC) Hyundai Accent hatchback. My brother has the exact same car in a different color, but in sedan form. For a few months now, he’s had an issue with his radio intermittently ceasing to function, as in won’t turn on. When the car is off, there is usually a little red theft light that flashes in the stereo unit - oddly, that light WILL still flash even when the issue is taking place.

Now, last time this happened, I checked the fuses. On our cars, there are two for the audio system. One is a separate 10amp fuse which I pulled, and which was perfectly fine - number 22 in the fuse box (‘Audio - 10amp - Power outside mirror switch, digital clock, Audio’). His car has no power mirrors, but the clock has still been working perfectly fine.

The other fuse is a 15amp fuse found in a strange yellow “Power Connector” with a second fuse for the instrument cluster, interior light and some other stuff:

All three of these fuses checked out as OK..., but the act of pulling them and putting them back always gets the stereo working again for awhile (last time bro said it worked for another 3 months or so before it did the same thing again).

Is there a short somewhere I am going to have to go on a chase for? Nothing else is affected though, just the radio...

It’s the only real issue that either of us has had with our cars...

Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)