How? F1 wants to make pit stops even faster. They're considering green lighting technology to make it happen. So how do you make the stops faster than 1.9s? I have 2 ideas.

Add 4 more guns and 4 more crew members. 2 people to remove a tire and 2 people to replace the tire. The extra gun is already loaded with a wheel nut and centered on the new tire. Eliminates the time it takes for the gun man to go from the old tire to the new tire. Also reduces the potential for missing the center of the tire. That's not even a technology increase.

Next you could eliminate the human element when it comes to jacking up the car. Potential problem is it would add weight to the car. Potential technology could be the jack automatically drops when all 4 wheel nuts are fitted properly. That's also a possible enhanced safety feature.

Edited to add: I've enhanced my automatic jacking system. Place a sensor on the ground in each pit box. The jack is automatically triggered when the car reaches a certain speed while positioned over the sensor. I say certain speed because if the jack triggers after the car is stationary fractions of a second will be lost while the car is jacked up. However, if you can get the timing down where it takes X amount of time to get the jack from the car to the ground and it takes Y amount of time for the car to reduce speed from Z speed to stationary you can save more time.