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Oppo Evening Theater Presents: Swamp Buggy Racing with Steve Evans and Brock Yates

For motorsports fans in the 80s and 90s, Diamond P Sports was a household name. Steve Evans brought all types of motorsports to your home, from the pavement pounding action of stock cars and Indy cars to the dirt slinging tractor pulls and monster trucks. Where Diamond P really shined the brightest was covering the more oddball racing categories, bringing the Great American Truck Racing series and Swamp Buggy racing to audiences who would not have known such racing existed.

Tonights video takes us back to 1985 for Swamp Buggy racing at the Mile O’ Mud in Naples, Florida, showcasing a sport where big money hadn’t taken over and bragging rights were worth more than the $10 prize money. Steve Evans is joined by Brock Yates (of Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy and long-time automotive journalist fame) and Ed Bruce, with Steve and Brock’s stream of jokes flowing throughout the broadcast. So sit back and enjoy a trip back to 1985, you’re sure to see plenty of Half-Fast vehicles in action.

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