You know, one of the really cool things about the new commenting system is the ability for each of us to be our own authors, and post about whatever the hell interests us, rather than just making random comments that get buried under other random comments. 

Despite all of it's new annoyances, the new commenting systems gives us a little more control to come up with our own weekly features.

I picked out two little wannabe features that I used to do way the hell back in the day (as in prior to the original Kinja), The Badass Files and Dream Drive, to see what reactions those get. There were others that I used to do on a semi-irregular basis as well, including my old rants, Supermodel Sunday, Eye of the Beholder, and a few others.

Does anyone want to see these again?

Don't forget about other long-gone and long-missed features like the Dream Car Garage, Project Car Hell, and Down on the Street; if someone wants to have some fun and collaborate on those, they might also be great ways of using the new-found privileges we have in Kinja Whatever-Point-0.