A tucker 48 for your time...

Okay, so after 40,000 miles on my mustang, I need new tires before winter comes. I have spent about 10 hours in the last couple years looking at wheels and tires and decided that I only have money for tires...and they have to be all season tires. No winter set/summer set for me.


I live in St. Louis, MO and we get some of the oddest weather of anywhere...Like 75-80 degrees Monday and Snowing by Thursday. Therefore, I need a tire that can handle all conditions, as well as be a solid performer.

P215/65R17 98T is the tire size. It is the stock size of a 2014 Ford Mustang v6 without performance package.

Any advice, or suggestions of what you all run on your cars would be greatly appreciated.

My auto shop wants me to get Altimax RT 43s, but I don’t know if I trust a non-name brand tire.


Ive heard great things about Continental DWS tires and Pilot A/S 3s. I don’t know if they make all these in my tire size though.

Okay I’ll stop rambling...Thanks Oppo!

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