My parents are going to get a new car this year...hopefully. My dad is driving a 13 year old scion that’s beyond broke an my mom’s SX4 is aging rapidly. The plan is to get rid of the Scion, give my dad the SX4, and my mom gets a new car.

The requirements:

1. 4 doors, sedan only. No SUVS, no crossovers, no coupes.

2. $25,000-$32,500. My parents can afford a nice luxury car, my dad is just cheap. The fact he’ll probably be spending in the neighborhood of $30k on a car nearly makes him throw up.

3. Needs to get ~30+ mpg in the city. I’ve been pushing for them to buy a hybrid

4. Automatic only. My mom can drive stick, she’s been driving stick since she was 17, but this car needs to be an automatic.

5. Needs lane departure, adaptive cruise control, and auto emergency braking.

6. No FCA, Ford or GM. My dad has a long standing hatred to American cars...this is entirely his doing and no matter what it will not change.


As far as I know, the cop out is a Camry Hybrid or a Prius.....

Picture of a Shelby Super Snake for your time