Repost: A couple of weeks ago I floated the idea of a 2017 Fitness Challenge for Opponauts. There seemed to be a good number of people interested. It starts this Monday 2/6 and runs for 6 weeks. If you want in post up here. First reporting date will be Monday 2/13. Reporting posts will publish at 12:05 PM Eastern each Monday.

I am going to keep it pretty basic. We will post progress to a Google Form. Each week I will draw a name from everyone who worked out at least three times and they will get a modest prize. At the end, I will draw a name from the people who exercised three times each of the six weeks for a special prize. That’s it. As people have different goals such as weight loss, muscle gain or running a distance, I’m not going to make it any fancier than that. If others want to contribute prizes that is cool too.