The fitness challenge is over and you guys did great. The folks below logged one or more weeks of workout. I will send Pistol Whipped Cream and Racin’Jason001 each a prize for participating each of the 6 weeks. They were the only ones to do so. Using a random number generator CB also gets a prize for participating.


Bryan x3

CalzoneGolem x1

CB x5

Dr Jan Itor x1

fhrblig x1

for Michigan x2

frenchlicker x1

gmporschenut x4

haveacarortwoorthree x5

just-a-scratch x3

Manwich x1

Miss Mercedes x2

Neil daily drives the original underpowered Porsche hatchback x1

nerd_racing x5

Nerd-Vol x1

Phyrxes x1

Pistol Whipped Cream x6

Racin’Jason001 x6

RSaldana x1

RWSMotorsport x1

S65 x3

StingrayJake x1

Yamahog x3