OPPO Ghost Story Time!!!! Please share yours below

Gather round boils and ghouls. It’s that time when we share our latest paranormal experiences and try to find logical reasons for them. Also, sweet doriftooo BMW 7 series, yo!

The latest one was from back in August.


But, something even more strange happened years back that I want to share with you peeps. Here we go:

Back in....1998? or 99 my dad and his Freemason brothers purchased a property that used to be a church. The place was pretty large sitting on 4 or 5 acres.

The place had this huge area where the church stuff happened, a huge kitchen area, a bunch of offices, and a place where they had the baptism ceremonies. Once my dad and his buddies acquired the place, the made it into a Masonic temple in a huge conference room area there. The main church area was restored into a ballroom type place which they rented out to people for events, kind of like the VFWs do.


First creepy even happened the day they turned over the keys. I was walking around exploring the complex. All good and normal until I opened the door and walked into where they did the baptism stuff (didn’t know at the time since it was super dark). I was 13 or 14 at the time. No lie my awesome OPPOnauts, as I walked into the darkness alone looking for a light switch, I would get these random flashes in my mind of 2 little kids and I physically felt like I was holding my breath or choking. The room was dark and I didn’t even know what was in there til I tuned on the lights and saw the empty pool. Once I caught my breath, I left that room and continued exploring.

I entered a room where they would do Sunday school maybe? There was still toys and kid’s drawing and pictures on the wall. I looked at some Polaroids on the wall of times past. All of a sudden I saw one of 2 little kids and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. The atmosphere and general feel of the room got noticeably dark. I got major chills and felt physicaly ill. The room just felt nauseating. WTF!? So strange.


As the years passed by, my dad and his crew would have their meetings every Thursday evening. It wasn’t uncommon for them to hear little children’s footsteps running along the hallway next to the temple. Along with the steps, they’d hear little chatter of children. On the weekends, people who rented the ballroom area would also say they would hear these footsteps and chatter on a regular occasion. 

One night during a meeting, it got to a point where it was so loud and obvious that they had to stop everything and investigate. Suddenly, all the lights were turned off. They all stepped outside to get some flashlights and more than anything, call the police just in case it was an intruder. They kept looking around with swords in hand calling out for whoever was inside to come out. All this time, one guy who was an electrician is investigating why the power failed in their area. He met up with everyone and concluded that everything is fine, only that all the switches where flipped to the off petition. WTF? At that time, everyone was standing in the same large hallway when clear as day, they all heard and felt footsteps running from one side of the hall, between them, and to the other side along with children’s voices. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!


Super odd for sure. As time passed, they just learned to live with it and brush away the complaints of people that had events there. At one point, an older gentlemen requested to stay the night since he was headed toward that side of town the next morning anyway. Let me add that this gentleman had no prior knowledge of the creepy things that happened there. When asked about his night there, he said, “I could never get to sleep because those dang kids wouldn’t leave him alone. They kept giggling, running around, and even touch me in the back as I was trying to sleep, waking me up”


Dudes again, I’m trying to find a logical reason for all this. I am running out of ideas especially because so many people had no previous notion of the children and the spooky things that happened but kept confirming the same stories. Is there a way to find out if any children died in the property in the past online?


Who knows dudes and dudettes. A couple years ago, the place was sold and torn down. There was a metal fabrication place next door that bought the property and expanded their area.


Hopefully this won’t keep you up at night lol. It is definitely odd af. Can’t wait to hear what you peeps have to share :]

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