I have a friend who just contacted me. And before I go deal with administering to work I figured I would get this out there. He is looking to replace his dad’s 88-89 Town Car he smashed into a telephone pole when he was 16 (a loooong time ago for both of us), as a birthday gift he will present on the 29th of July to him. Pretty cool project. He is specifically looking for a dark blue, over dark blue cloth, with blue vinyl roof. Preferably with the alloys. If the interior and roof are correct he might have it painted if the buy in price is right. So go forth, would like to find one as close as possible to Maine, but might be shipping it. Somewhere in the $3-4K range for price. He found this one right in Boston, but he said the guy sounded sketchy as all hell. CL, ebay, the guy with a sign on it down the block... There IS a finders fee attached, be a couple hundred bucks in your pocket if the sale goes through