As you might have seen, Morgan is now selling an electric three wheeler targeted at kids. R&T says it will start at $8250. This is quite a bit of coin for a child’s ride on toy, but, what if I had a better use?

A bit of background: I love Morgans. About as much as Ferraris. I really want a M3W but can’t have the both the 348 and the 3 wheeler. I live about a mile from the beach and have been tossing around the idea of a small scooter to use for the beach. I am a former collegiate cross country runner so my dimensions are almost kid sized: ~5'8", 135 lbs.

If you put these together, I might have found a fun little beach transportation device. The 10 mph top speed seems slow but would be similar to a leisurely pace on a bike.

Alternatively: spec racing cup

What do you think OPPO?

Link just in case