So I had an idea at midnight which is both the best and worst. Best because there’s nothing else to do while falling asleep, worst because you can’t fall asleep.

Is there room for more automotive content? It would be a mix of high quality car reviews, updates on personal cars, low quality DIY projects, some gun content, some BBQ contest content, and basically whatever else I feel like could use. Hopefully I can pull some cars from the Lane, film at C&C, film road trips, and pull cars from friends(everything from a 4cyl Camry to whatever I can get). Since I’ll be doing everything I’m thinking of basically naming videos “Jacob Drives a ____”, “Jacob Shoots a___” etc.

I would have at least one or two other guys working with me. One will also produce content, and the other has a bunch of cameras and editing equipment to make it decent. Is there anything else we should add to make it stand out? Would you all watch?