Hi all! Excuse this novel, but curious if any of you folks might be able to help!

This isn’t car-related, but hoping somebody has a suggestion! :)

Our basement door closes and latches OK, but the gaps around the edge are massive enough for drafts that you can see light coming around the right edge and the bottom-right corner of the door. As you may know, this is a bad thing in a Canadian winter and the basement hallway and rec room can be freezing as the cold air comes in for fun.

Now....it’s not that the seal is gone, it’s still there and other than a few nicks and scratches, it’s fine. The bottom door seal I can just replace by putting a new one on, but the right edge (where the latches are) is different - as I said, it’s not that the seal is gone, it’s that the door doesn’t close far enough to MEET the seal, as weird as that sounds. I could move the latch plate for the lock and the door handle forward, which would solve the issue 100% as it would then latch closer against the seal. The issue is, there are already holes drilled there for the handle latch plate and lock latch plate and they are too near the edge of the door jamb to drill entirely new holes to re-mount the plates (as I wouldn’t have to move the plates far enough forward for whole new holes anyway).

Is there something I could squirt into the drill holes that will harden and stay in place as strong as the original wood to re-drill the holes slightly farther up? The way that corner of the door is (and with my lack of carpentry skills), there’s no easy way at all to replace that piece of wood without taking a lot of other things apart.

Picture to explain what I mean...

As you can see, somebody moved the door handle latch (bottom) farther forward already (before we lived there) for the same problem, but not far enough to correct it. As you can see, the seal is pretty much fine other than where the lock / handle latch passes through it from opening and closing. The rest of the door jamb is fine, contrary to that crack (somebody - estranged divorced husband from the prior occupants 9_9 - had tried to force their way in through this door at some point before we moved here), the rest of the door jamb is solid,

I would only have to move the door latch forward about 30-40mm. Thanks for any suggestions! :D