Hey oppo, this is my first post so let me tell you guys a bit about myself. I have been into cars for half of my life and only recently have I been able to call myself a car enthusiast. To be honest, the biggest reason I became an enthusiast was because I was getting my licence and teenage hype. But now that I have that licence, I am here to stay because car culture has grown on me so much since then. My first and current car is a manual 1984 e28 533I which is in an amazing condition.

I also like to do my own work if possible (but I will not touch most electronics) Just recently I did my front brakes and rotors; wanted to do the back but the jack was too small.

Old rotor and my super worn brakes aren’t shown, but they had less than an inch on them.
And the new slotted and drilled rotor


Also some time ago I put in a Kenwood stereo (don’t worry I made sure it wasn’t an ugly one) and sine nice Pioner speakers. It may have been fairly cheap, but for $200 I have a much better system than the stock one that barely picked up radio. For now I think that is all there is to know about me, except for the fact a love the 533I mostly for the reason the 535I overshadows it and I can relate to that. I’m so glad to be a part of this community and look forward to its future. Here’s hoping I don’t get kinja’d on my first post.

P.s. What’s the basement? Is there candy down there?