What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

My BIL is shopping for a new car and I think I’ve managed to sway him towards a Mazda6 over an Altima, he found this one for sale and asked me what was going on in the history and I’m not sure so I’m asking you! It says listed as manufacturer vehicle but I don’t know why it would have gone to auction and it says NICB which could mean it was stolen or something? The big red flag to me is that it’s not CPO which to me says something happened, when I worked a Mazda dealer in Denver the cars from the auto show just went into our inventory after that so I don’t see how this would have gone to auction unless it was stolen or something. So what does oppo think? Worth a look or run away and keep running?

Here’s a pic (hopefully)

Illustration for article titled Oppo help!

And here’s the link to the listing in case of kinja.

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