You may remember the other day when I posted that my local dealer has a Focus RS in the proper color parked in front of it. I’ve got a thing for the RS, so what I want to know is should I see if they’ll give me a test drive? The obvious answer is “yes, you idiot!”, but that leads to problems. The biggest one being that I would be way too tempted to trade in the STi, and I fear that I would come to regret doing that if it happened.

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I realize that the RS is a better car by every measure as is to be expected after 10 years of technological progression. But I love the STi for its relative simplicity. There is no traction control, no drift mode, no crazy computer controlled torque vectoring rear differential, there are just three pedals and a loose nut behind the wheel. The car is an absolute beast in winter and hilariously fun to drive when there is snow which is soon. I will never not be amused by pulling into the driveway at work sideways. It’s also kind of cool driving a 10 year old car that still gets compliments. Plus the flat four is unique and just feels special with the Subaru rumble.

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On the other hand, damn Nitrous Blue is gorgeous in person. Plus the hatch would be more useful and there is way more power on tap. It would also solve the “problem” of my regret at not buying a blue Subaru. The RS also has so many creature comforts. I wouldn’t have ordered the RS2 package, but the one at the dealership has it. You don’t know that you “need” a heated steering wheel until you use one for the first time. I just worry that the first time I try to pull into a parking lot sideways in the winter I will be neutered by the RS having traction control. It would be a PITA to have to remember to turn that off every time I wanted to have fun in the snow.

So Oppo, do I dare try to test drive the new hotness? Or do I stay true to my old busted hotness?

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