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Oppo Help - Air Purifier Fix?

We’ve been dealing with the horrible air in OR here OK (current AQI 296! Down from hovering in 500 range last few days) and JUST got a Honeywell purifier delivered.

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BUUUTTTT....the unit worked for about an hour...and then just stopped, and wouldn’t turn back on. Nothing lights up, nothing happens (yes, outlets have power). Honeywell CS was good enough to just put an order in for a replacement at no cost no questions asked. But that will take at least a few days to arrive.

Any tips/experience on fixing these things? It’s a big box but looking in there looks pretty basic....a bunch of filters and a fan. Anything I can try doing opening up the broken unit to get it to work? I’m not an engineer by any means but willing to open things up and see if there’s something obvious that is loose/broken.


Here’s the unit we bought -

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