Oppo-help - Fast 4-door edition

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Hello Oppo,

So I have a request. I’m hoping to get a new-to-me car in the next year, but need some options. I want a 4-door (wagons are fine), since the wife and I will likely be trying to have a child. I just got rid of my old-ass honda accord (which I did love immensely), because my parents gave me their newer one because they were afraid mine was going to take a shit one day (fair). They got my mother something new, so now I have another Accord. I’m obviously privileged that I have a newish car and no car payment again, but after driving one accord for 15 years, I’m not super excited at the prospect of doing that again. For reference, the newish accord is a base model 4-banger with a CVT. As far as CVTs go, it’s actually pretty good, but I do miss the old days of revving my I-4 just to feel something. Now that feeling is totally removed even if the car is faster and handles better. I need some soul.


Ok, requirements: No older than 2005. Needs to be fast (V8 preferred, but hey, many things are fast these days with less cyclinders). I’d like to put a reasonable cat-back exhaust to get some rumbles. Price: $20k or lower. Mileage: less than 100k.

I can’t for the life of me think of anything besides a Pontiac G8 GT. It’s still a GM product, so parts won’t be hard to come by. It’s tune-able if I want. Looks aggressive enough. Has a Corvette motor. Full size 4-door. What’s not to like?


Chevy SS’s can be had for 25k now, but I don’t know if I can justify it when it’s just a newer G8...

Talk me out of it, Oppo. Preferably with another option.

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