Ok, Oppo, I’m delving into some new territory that I’m not too comfortable with. Gaming monitors. See, back when I bought my last monitor, it was a simple choice. Pick your size, get a full HD IPS monitor. Get one with 60 Hz refresh, because with the newest cards you can probably stay above 30 FPS and that is awesome!

Well, I’ve come a long way. I’m now sporting a GTX 1070, and Destiny 2 currently stays locked at 60 FPS on a 27" 1080P screen. Never wavers, which tells me there’s more. The game looks....good. But not amazing. I tend to attribute this more to the 1080P, rather than the frame rate.


So really it comes down to, for a 27" screen (or maybe an ultrawide? I dunno) should I be more concerned with getting a 1440p monitor with greater than 60 hz refresh, or a 4k monitor at 60 hz refresh. I’m not the guy that needs to crank everything up, but I don’t want to see jagged lines all the time anymore.

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