I am in need of a diff cover for my 1985 BMW E23 745i. The car is a euro grey market import and has a 210mm large case differential. American cars got the 188mm Medium case differential, and this won't work on my car.

The cover also doubles as a mount to hold the differential in place. Well... mine cracked, so I can't drive the car until I fix it.

If anyone (This goes double for you, resident vintage BMW enthusiasts) has a line on where to find a e23 large case diff cover, please let me know. Turner motorsports can't get one, and I imagine dealerships won't have any since its such an obscure part on this side of the ocean.


Here is my thread on the bimmer forums about this

This is what the whole unit looks like. You can identify a large case over a small by looking at the flanges for the CV axles. The flanges bolt onto a medium case with 6 bolts, and a large case with 8. Both cv axles bolt to the flanges with 6 bolts.

This is the correct cover I need. As far as I know its 81-87 e23 big case specific. I'm pretty sure every euro car has the big case. It was the US spec cars that got the medium case.


Here are a couple shots of the two side by side


If anyone has any leads, let me know. I'd like to drive my car again.

Thanks in advance


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