So my family is a 2 vehicle family (3 if you count mine but that’s irrelevant here). Anyway the XB is paid off and my dad wants to pay off the SX4 by summer with the tax refund. Moving on, that XB is on its last legs and the day it needs anything outside of an oil change my dad’s going to get rid of it.

Now here is where you all come in. Yay team work!

My dad is 55, has a slight but progressing case of Parkinsons. It’s not horrible enough to make him stop driving but it’s bad enough that he’s ruled out any manual. It also has my mother freaking out and such. His daily commute is literally 8 miles to and from the train station. He probably drives....say 9k miles a year total. I told him a lease would be perfect because he wouldn’t exceed the mileage, could get a new car, and wouldn’t be stuck in a 4/5 year fiance plan. He shot that down with ‘No. Leases don’t make sense and I don’t want to pay the taxes on the car if I’m not really buying it.”

Halp me convince him otherwise or please rip me apart in my wrongess.