OPPO, Help Me Dream Of My First Manuel...

Hello Oppo, I preface this little game by saying I may or may not actually get said new car at all. I am happy with my current car and the new one would have to make sense in the long run.

Okay, first a little background information. At age 19, I bought a brand new 2014 ford mustang v6 auto. I truly do love my car, but since obtaining it something has always been missing. I want to drive stick so bad.


So, I currently am 21 and have a loan outstanding on the mustang. I pay about $200 a month at 1.9%. (had a nice down payment). I probably have right around 9,000 or less on the loan left to pay off and my car is worth around 15 grand with 30,000 miles on it.

I don’t have any EXTRA money to throw at a new car. I am perfectly fine spending my current loan payment for the foreseeable future, but also would not mind doing away with it.


I live in St. Louis and attend college half an hour away, so it has to be reliable transportation.

Conditions for new car

- Sporty car (I am used to 300hp and don’t want to insanely downgrade)

- It has to feel fast and engaging/fun to drive.

- It has to be manuel! (YAY)

- It doesn’t need to have 4 seats, but it can’t hurt…(wrx?)

- Reliable for the next 3-4 years with minimal cost of maintenance (College Kid, not exactly super handy with cars outside of oil changes and regular maintenance...)


- Aftermarket scene would be nice to have a following…(also, not a must)

- Must be affordable within my budget…(See Above Comments)

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