Because I have a catastrophically poor episodic memory and far too many projects I keep quite a lengthy to do list. What have you guys got planned to help me feel a bit better about mine!

Short term (need to do in the next week or two)

- Replace the window regulator on the Alfa (should arrive in the next couple of days)
- Sell my galved chassis to bankroll Spitfire bits
- Organise and sell a job lot of unwanted parts for the same purpose
- Sew blackout lining into our curtains so my poor GF can sleep in past 7am now that it’s summer
- Pack and post my Minilite wheels that I’ve sold
- Finish laying out hardcore for my parts shed base
- Strip and sell my unneeded LT77 gearbox

Long term (either jobs that I need to do in a month or longer, or less important stuff)

- Change the plugs on the MG F to try and sort the rough idling
- Swap a new diff into the Jag and set up the CWP clearance properly (didn’t do that last time and the diff howls like mad now)
- Swap lowered springs into the Jag
- Mix the concrete base for the parts shed
- Sort walls, roof, doors and cladding for parts shed
- Strip the crushed Jag, scrap the shell and put the rest of the parts into parts shed
- Make a winchable platform in the parts shed so I can store a Spit bodyshell over another car
- Strip and paint the last few sections of the Spit’s chassis
- Strip and paint the underside of the Spit’s body
- Test-fit the body and chassis and gap the doors
- Weld body to chassis
- Repair leading edge of Spitfire’s roof
- Re-make the box sections in the Spit’s roof
- Paint the garage cabinets and woodstain the worktops which my GF has kindly offered to help with
- Help mix concrete for the last section of floor on my dad’s garage

There's other things that aren't on the radar yet which will be added later, but that's where we're at at the moment!