So my Miata is finally getting the rust properly cut out and the rear quarter swapped out. The body guy is a friend doing it for the cost of parts and like a half day’s worth of labor, even though he said 30-40 hours for sure. Since this is a very good deal, its worth keeping the car and getting it done. However, he is doing it in spare time so my car will be down for 2-3 weeks. It is my only form of transportation so I need to get some wheels for about a month. I think a rental is too expensive for that, so I am looking to just buy a beater. So I am enlisting Oppo to suggest some beaters on my local NJ craigslist for under $2k!

Literally anything that is gonna be running or easy to make running and can legally run an autocross event and get registered and crap. Ideally a manual of course, mostly because cheap automatics scare me! I need it to be cheap to fix up and sell for around the same price, profit would be nice though since my labor is free.


The weirder the better though for sure!

EDIT: I am checking out this Del Sol and Neon tomorrow afternoon: