I picked up the new Moto G5S Plus yesterday, $50 off at Best Buy. It’s in most ways a lateral move from the HTC One M8, except my M8 is on its last legs. I have it all setup with my apps and accounts, everything seems to work really well. I really like it a lot. And I can’t use it.

I can’t use it because they had no cases that fit it, and I am That Guy that won’t carry a phone without armor on it. The edges are slim and slippery, especially when you’re used to holding a chunky, textured silicon rubber case. Also, it turns out the G5S Plus is dimensionally larger than the G5 Plus, so the jillions of cases for the previous generation are of no help.


I prefer something with a holster / clip like the Otterbox Defender, but so far all I see are standalone cases by makers I’ve never heard of. Help!

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