Hi all,

I’m downstairs sorting and putting things back in the rec room of our basement now that it is complete from the restoration after the flood back in October....currently working on the car collection case, which is mostly 1950s Chevys (my brother and I were REALLY into them as kids...). Pardon the crappy phone shot...

My tastes have changed DRASTICALLY since then, hence my love of weird European and Japanese stuff now, but the collection remains from my childhood. :)

As I was unboxing the stuff that goes back into the display cabinet, I came across a few old auto photos from mom’s side of the family that I don’t remember being in there at all...they were taken somewhere in the late 50's, chances are. There are some classic Chevys, some old Beetles....and this.

I don’t know it off hand, but considering I am in Canada, it looks a lot like some Canadian-market British car to me...? Anybody able to identify? :)