Basically I have the opportunity to pursue one of these three cars. My daily driver is out of commission with what I believe is a blown head gasket; I'm just waiting to find someone with a compressor that I can borrow to do a leak down test and see for sure. In the meantime, I've been splitting cars with the rest of my family.

I know the answer is always Miata, but the idea of a Corvette (and a car that potentially has value in it) really appeals to me. And of course, the chassis of the E36 can't be forgotten. There may be an outside chance I can pursue a E36 M3 as well in which case that's the one, but for now it's these three.

I can't decide; I need to have a car that works in the near-ish future, but the barn find is really rooted in my mind. What are your thoughts?

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