Oppo, Help Me Pick A Muffler!!

So, that custom modified aftermarket exhaust that I bought turned out to be a rusty bust. But, not all’s lost. I’m getting some monies back and the exhaust itself is a good working template for a proper custom centre exit exhaust for a smart with a towing hitch. I can even salvage the exhaust tip and the mounting flange, both of which just need a little cleaning. I found a shop that’ll do everything for cheap and is well rated.

But, what kind of muffler do I choose for this build? I’m looking for something that’s like 7 or 8/10 for loudness, but also has a good note. I love raspy notes (think Abarth 500) with little pop when you shift gears.


At the same time, I don’t want to spend $100 on a muffler. Then again, I’m not good at pricing jobs, so sub-$100 isn’t a requirement. lol

Is what I’m asking for even possible?

Have a picture I whipped up using three pictures in Paint for your time.

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