So I have found 2 professional photographers that took pictures of my car at COTA, and I want to get one printed on canvas for my office. I just wanted to get some opinions on which one I should choose.


The banner image and these other 2 are all from the same photographer, and the rest are located here. I think that I like the first one on the Photo Motion page, since you can't really see my GoPro in it. I am really kicking myself now for mounting my GoPro on the roof instead inside my windshield like a normal person! But I am wondering if it would be possible to photoshop out the GoPro in the banner picture, because honestly that is one of my favorites. Any photoshop experts know if that's possible? I do also like the one of me chasing down the 2002 in the slideshow as well. So what do you think Oppo?

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