OPPO help me track down a logo.

Most of you don’t know me because I haven’t written in a while. My hours at work have changed and I’ve been spending way too much time in a Forza Motorsport- Forza Horizon 3 paint booth...and that’s why I’m here today. It’s extremely rare for a logo, even a rare one to escape my search attempts.

Marked here on the back of this JTCC Toyota Supra diecast is the clearest example of the logo I can find. It’s a Kyngus petroleum logo, but I can’t read the lower text in yellow.


Maybe someone recognizes it. Maybe you have the diecast. Here are more examples:

On the actual car.


On a decal sheet from Garage Hiro.


An email to Kyngus came back with the information they were to make an engine oil that would be marketed by F.E.T. but it was cancelled and nobody there remembers.

F.E.T. did not respond and Garage Hiro export company forwarded me onto Garage Hiro proper who did not respond.


The same decal was on the bumper cover or splitter of a 1994 Carolla All Japan Touring Car.


Any help and especially a clear image would be great.

Thanks gang.

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Bonus image: It’s on the silver Supra also.

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