i know that there ought to be at least a few oppos who have time designing load bearing structures. i’d like to cut a whole lot of holes in said load bearing structure.

SO, full disclosure, i am asking for the model T project. i am trying to hit a weight goal. that goal is approximately 1650 lbs.(so that i can hit 1800 TOTAL, me in it) now, i am not trying to just outright cut all the weight from 1 component...... easier to cut 1 lb from 100 places, than 100lbs from 1 place.


all the talk about the demon, and its time through the quartermile, and i got to thinking. i happened to remember something i had seen a long while back.

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its a slide rule. you can use it to figure out how much horsepower that it takes to get a car of a certain weight, through the quarter mile, in a specific time. now i dont have the slide rule, but a while back i had stumbled across wallaceracing.com, specifically the calculator section of the page. specifically the quarter mile calculator. now to give an idea of how accurate it was, i put in the numbers of the demon, and it came back showing the rest of its numbers, if you enter the weight,3850 and time, 9.65, it will tell you the hp to make that time, 846.77........not too shabby.........

so i wanted to figure out HOW MUCH power it would take to get a light weight car through the quarter. come to find out, it takes ONLY 402.11 hp to push an 1800lb car through the quarter mile in 9.60, at 140.88 mph. you can probably find that much hp rattling around the ashtray of your car right now, not something hard to pull off


in order to get down to that slim weight, i am planning to swiss cheese the car to within and inch of its/my life. and that diet would include the frame.

i would like to know the approximate “safe” amount that i can drill out of the center of the frame rails. how big the hole can be for the total height of the rail? maybe 1/3 of total width?, centered. the whole structure of the car is going on a holie diet.


this is going to be the “4x4” model T, the one that is going to get the underslung frame, and transfer case, and a muncie 4 speed with an iron transfer case. ............ traction for DAYS.........

using some of the other calculators on that site, you can fill in some of the other details, like for example, with a 29 inch tall tire, and a 3.73 gear, it would cross the finish line turning approx 6041 rpm(nothing unreasonable)


ANY HELP is greatly appreciated.

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