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So Pop's badass swedish hotrod seems to be on its way out. Bad bushings, worn out ball joints, worn out engine and trans mounts, oil leaks, busted waste gate, clutch just grenaded, plus, like none of the windows work, and neither does the A/C. Now he LOVES this car (2001 9-3 Viggen 5 door, Maptun stage 2), and has even told me he plans on keeping it to his death. HOWEVER, He's also stuck with a newer CR-V which he dislikes greatly, but it's his "when the Viggen is down/ snow is too high" car (needless to say it's pretty much been his DD since april). He can't get rid of that (LONG STORY, not gonna get into it), so he's trying to decide if he wants to fix the Saab (at that point, he WILL be keeping it for life because he'll have bought the car about 3 times with these repairs), or replace it. So far he's looked at this:


an '04 Beetle Turbo S (I've wanted one of these since they were new, so I'm behind that). He test drove it, but I have yet to talk to him about it, but he seems to be set on it. What else should I suggest that's-

-2 doors


-not american, unless a full blown muscle car

-can take being loaded up with miles (he travels A LOT for work)

-is a decent place to spend a few hours (again, many, many long highway trips)

-Is "cool"

-can be loaded up with quite a bit of luggage

-He's not a huge german car fan, with a few exceptions (Merc CLS, New Beetle, Clownshoe)


-$12k or under

I've suggested he look into an RSX Type-S, but that's too "boy-racer" for him, so I suggested a TL Type-S (foreal doe, I love dem honda man-trans), or a Mazdaspeed 6. The problem with those is he's pretty adamant on no more than 3 doors. He really likes drivers cars, and performance models, but above all else, he likes his cars to "suit him"


He looks like this, dresses "shabby chic", is an actor, and looks up to people like Hunter S. Thompson, Karl Marx, Joe Strummer, and Ernesto "Che" Guavara. So something like a Trans-Am WS6 w0n't really suit him.


Anyway, what chariot-of-choice does Oppo Suggest for my Pops?

TL;DR, Dad might replace his Viggen, I'm looking for suggestions, He's picky, and criteria is listed above.