So due to reasons, me and the wife are about to pack up and leave Denver for Chicago in a week or two. We’ll already be shooting ourselves in the foot financially so we’re trying to find the cheapest way to accomplish the move. When we moved here we rented a Dodge Grand Caravan or similar from hertz and got very lucky and got an actual grand Caravan. The reason I say we were lucky is that the main difficulty is a 7' tall bookshelf my wife’s late father built, and while I was reasonably confident it would fit in a grand Caravan with the stow and go, who knows if it would fit in something else. At the time it was only $400 or so to rent it for a one way 24 hour trip, but looking now it seems to be closer to $700 per day, and we really didn’t want to do it in 24 hours again, it was stupid and dangerous and we were up for close to 48 hours straight and easily could have fallen asleep at the wheel, since we were even in separate cars. So what ideas does OPPO have? Last time a u-haul was way more expensive hence the grand Caravan, but I’m thinking a cheap beater van is the way to go, either cargo van or minivan with the seats tossed. Ideally we would be able to sell it there and not take too much of a hit, although since we’ll be staying with family initially it might be nice to keep for a bit so we don’t have to unload all our crap. There’s also a chance we would add like a platform bed or something since my parants don’t have a huge house and they have their own shit to deal with, so we could camp in it. Max budget is as close to a grand as possible, definitely under 2. Only has to run 1100 miles and I am an apprentice mechanic so I could handle a little work but don’t want to dump money into something. Been looking at retired buses too but those seem a little out of our price range. So whatcha got OPPO?