Oppo help needed

Ok, so on my “group” project for this class, I had two other team members. As these things go, I ended up doing the vast majority of all the work.

We had to go through the full product development process to design and demo a game to the class. Here’s the list of the parts the other members did:

Member 1: provided the game concept that we used. Filled out a table in the report. Filled out a required spreadsheet incorrectly so I had to redo the entire thing.


Member 2: Wrote a few paragraphs for the report. Every one had to be rewritten by me because it was just bad.

Literally, that’s it. They couldn’t be bothered to meet up at scheduled meetings, even the online ones.

Here’s the list of what I did:
The entire Team Charter, Mission Statement, the entire Report, generated the cad files, built the demo, and built the entire presentation by myself.

One of the members actually suggested that we just wing it through the presentation. Other than come up with the concept, I basically did the entire project.


Now we’re at the part where we have to provide Project Peer Evaluations. On the one hand, I get busy. They also had work, and each was taking two classes to my one. But I also have work, and kids, and travel, etc. I ended up working the entire project, along with all the individual class assignments, and studying for the tests, etc. with no help on the project. It practically consumed me for the past four months.

Yes, I’m a tad bitter.  We did end up having the best presentation in the class, the best product at the end, and were the only group to receive nothing but praise from the professor.


So how should I go about saying that on a peer review without sound like I’m whining, which is what it feels like I’m doing here?

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