My driveway is rapidly washing away, and something must be done! We are debating how to cheaply fix the muddy mess that is this parking space, and recent rain has exacerbated the problem. Take a look for yourself.


There is about a 1-2 foot elevation change from the garage (completely flat concrete base, for reference) and the top of the driveway. Trying to park literally anywhere else has been disastrous. Two cars must park on the grass. All the water from the yard drains through the low spot between the garage and the gray sedan.

It needs to be done as cheaply as possible. We have several hundred somewhat thin old bricks that are not quite paver quality; we plan to use them to facilitate elevation changes. We think some sort of shale would make a good covering without too much spillage onto the pavement.


Our current plan is to outline the path of the wheels with the bricks and fill in with some sort of gravel with a plastic liner underneath. We think we may need to build some sort of retaining wall next to the concrete pad for the garage.

Help and input much appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE: better drawing


What we know so far

French drains are the answer. Basically a ditch with a pipe surrounded by gravel that can be covered over with turf.


The Real Buck suggested a routing of the drains, but it has to all drain into the driveway somehow.


There is a downspout on the top right corner of the garage that just dumps water on the ground in a particularly low spot. That water then flows along the top end of the concrete pad into the driveway.


We want to dig the trench low enough that it can dump at the top corner of the driveway, by the fence.

The way to cover the dirt is still less clear.

Big thanks to Ramblin Rover, The Real Buck, Opposaurus, and everyone else.

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