Oppo Help & Opinions - Best places to list New(ish) car for Sale?

I’ve recently become a father to a cute little ball of a daughter, and now it’s time to sell my 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. I’m not getting rid of the Vette just because of the kid, I mainly want to free up some money each month and get a cheaper (already paid for) car to have fun in that I also don’t feel bad about getting messed up from various baby messes. This car is too new and nice to get dinged up from the baby seat, carrier, diaper bags, stroller, etc… Plus then she can learn how and help to work on an older car as she grows.

So, I figured I’d reach out to the fellow Oppo’s to see where the best places are to list a fairly new car for sale. I know of the usual places (Craigslist, AutoTrader, BAT) but wanted to get any tips I can, to see what other people use to search and buy from, and also to give first dibs to fellow car enthusiasts.


If anyone is seriously interested in the car please let me know too, I’d be glad to meet up and show the car in person (I’m in TX). I would rather know the car goes to someone who truly appreciates it. Thanks in advance

- Looking to Sell the car outright and buy cheaper used (still fun) car.

- Figure trading it in at dealership will only get bottom dollar, plus then I’d be making payments again on new car.

- Any tips on selling car that’s not paid off (my first car I’ve sold still owing money on).


2017 Corvette Grand Sport - Sterling Blue- 1LT (basically has the upgrades of a Z06 without the supercharger, i.e. no over-heating problems)

Magnetic Ride Control, Electronic Diff, Performance Exhaust (multi-mode)

All records provided and all work done at the dealership.

Still under warranty - 3 Yr/36,000 Miles Bumper-to-Bumper (where’s Doug at?), 5 YR/60,000 Mile Powertrain

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