Hi Oppo,

As some of you may know I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon. It's been overheating in traffic lately so I took it to a mechanic (moved recently, so first time at this place - great reviews on yelp, keeps a nice clean shop, and seems like a nice non-sleazy guy). I have a quote I want to run by your ears -

Verdict - Radiator needs to be replaced - car is on its original radiator and even I had noticed that it was leaking along the top and probably not holding pressure. While he's at it he's going to replace all the hoses as well and the thermostat, and of course fill it up with Subaru unicorn tears radiator fluid. He looked in to prices, ordered the parts and is quoting me $700 total for the job - parts, labour, everything.

Does this sound about right for the going rate for a radiator replacement? I've actually never had to do this on one of my cars before.

Of course I googled prices for the parts and they seem much cheaper online...I feel like this is typical though?