TV's..... I don't know a single pinche mamada when it comes to the "specs" of what makes a good TV. All at a budget of $600-800, what is a good TV on sale? What to look for in Hz, refresh rates, 1080p's, and all them chingaderas?

I don't play video games. I have a N64 tho in a box somewhere. I hardly ever watch TV. If I do want it, I'll most likely just plug my laptop into it for the occasional Nexflix, Hulu, and such. I'm currently house shopping and know my wife will want a good new TV but being a broke ass mofo, my budget again is around the $600-$800 range.

My brother's TV looks good. It's 1080p from what I know but thing just seem to look more nice specifically moving images. Things move smooth like a home video. My parents have a 1080p but the images do not move smoothly. If we were to put a basketball game on both TV's, the players in my brothers TV are moving smooth and look like real life (is this real life?) whereas my parents TV looks old school. Is that the refresh rate or 240 Hz or something? Thanks for the help :] I give you Japan.